About us

Erase Your Soul is a clothing brand and lifestyle concept established by the Swedish designer and artist, known as falsk. Originating as a creator of virtual products, our brand expanded into the physical realm with the launch of the Signature Collection in early 2024.

At Erase Your Soul, we hold the quality of our clothing to the highest standards. Every fabric we choose, every pattern we design, and every print we craft, is a reflection of our pursuit towards flawlessness. Reaching 100% perfection is impossible, but achieving 99.9999999% is.

At the heart of Erase Your Soul's branding lies the seven 9's. The 9's symbolize the approach towards flawlessness, emphasizing that while reaching 100% perfection is impossible, we should still strive to achieve 99.9999999% – or the seven 9's.

Each 9 holds a distinct meaning, with the interpretation being personal and unique to you. If you're interested in falsk's & Erase Your Soul's perspective and guidelines, check out the 9's page.

At the core of Erase Your Soul's vision, is the idea that in life, as in art, perfection is a pursuit rather than a goal.

Erase Your Soul encourages individuals to continuously refine and reinvent themselves, shedding outdated beliefs, habits, and limitations, much like erasing the obsolete parts of one's soul.

Embracing the principles of the 9's, can guide individuals towards achieving that ideal version, and pursuit flawlessness.